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GOP Lawmaker Arrested for DUI, Blames Wife

NY Politician Arrested for Drunk Driving If you think it’s only average joes that get arrested for DWIs, then you haven’t been paying attention to the tabloids. On the last day of 2019, a Republican politician from New York was caught drinking and driving after he crashed his vehicle. He was arrested at the scene […]

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License Suspension vs. Interlock Ignition Devices: Which Would You Choose?

Changes to New Jersey DUI Laws Have you ever been tempted to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks? What if I told you that a technology exists that could save you from making such a mistake while inebriated? This inventive device, an interlock ignition system, has proven effective for years now. So, […]

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Your Guide to Terroristic Threats in New Jersey

Explaining Terroristic Threats in New Jersey When most of us hear the word terrorist, images of 9-11 comes to mind. Despite that, the law defines terroristic threats much differently than the common perception. In fact, most individuals who are prosecuted for terrorist threats in New Jersey are arrested for domestic violence incidents rather than threatening […]

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Country Singer Sam Hunt Arrested For DUI In Nashville

Sam Hunt Arrested in Nashville You see it in the news more and more lately. Yet another music star has been arrested for driving under the influence. Sam Hunt, a well-known country singer, was stopped by police after putting other motorists in danger in Nashville. How did police determine he was under the influence? What […]

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2020 Marijuana Election Surprise for New Jersey

Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been outspoken about his support for marijuana legalization. Despite the governor’s support, New Jersey hasn’t had an easy road to legalization. In March, the Senate attempted to vote on legalizing the substance for recreational use, but the bill was crushed when the votes fell short. All […]

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