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2020 Marijuana Election Surprise for New Jersey

Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been outspoken about his support for marijuana legalization. Despite the governor’s support, New Jersey hasn’t had an easy road to legalization. In March, the Senate attempted to vote on legalizing the substance for recreational use, but the bill was crushed when the votes fell short. All […]

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What You Need to Know About Weapons Laws in New Jersey

Overview: Weapons Offenses in New Jersey Have you seen the news lately? It’s rare for a few weeks to go by without another news report highlighting the dangers of mass shootings occurring around the country. In response to these reports, many citizens across the nation are pressuring politicians to tighten up gun laws in their […]

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Are Breathalyzer Results Accurate?

New Study on Breathalyzer Results What would you do if an officer falsely accused you of driving while under the influence? What if the officer had a breathalyzer test that backed up his claims even though you know you didn’t have any alcohol to drink? This is a reality for hundreds of individuals across the […]

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Credit Card Fraud, Definitions and Penalties

Credit Card Fraud Credit card fraud may, depending on the jurisdiction, be charged as a separate crime, or may be considered as part of another criminal offense. No matter what the specifically charged offense, a person who is convicted of committing credit card fraud can face serious penalties. Types of Credit Card Fraud Credit card […]

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Man Arrested for Starting Gunfight Near School

Gunfight in Pennsylvania Earlier this month, U.S. Marshals arrested an individual who was wanted for participating in a gunfight that occurred outside of a high school in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. When you are arrested on either state or federal weapons offenses, it is critical that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon […]

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