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Expunging Your Criminal Record In New Jersey: What You Need To Know

Wiping the Slate Clean in New Jersey If you have a criminal record, either adult or juvenile, you know that it can negatively affect your life in so many ways. After you’ve served your time, you may be frustrated that a criminal record is preventing you from getting a job or meeting another life goal. […]

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Drug Trafficking and Accomplices

Overview of Drug Trafficking in New Jersey As America fights the war on drugs, those charged with drug trafficking or similar charges tend to receive the highest punishment. While the laws involving drug trafficking are very straightforward, navigating unique situations like accomplices tends to be more complicated. New Jersey Drug Trafficking Laws Drug trafficking refers […]

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How to Fight Drug Possession Charges

Understanding Drug Charges in New Jersey Drug charges are one of the most common criminal charges in the legal system. The laws around the possession of drugs are strict, meaning you can face felony charges or even jail time for a small amount of a controlled substance. If you are charged with drug possession, you […]

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Surgeon from New Jersey Arrested Headed to Work for Cocaine Possession

A surgeon from New Jersey was recently arrested en route to work for possession of cocaine, according to multiple media reports. The incident occurred on Sunday, August 4, 2019 when the individual, 36, was stopped for having tinted windows on his vehicle.  The individual told officers who pulled him over that he was “hurrying to […]

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Child Pornography Charges Filed Against Cranford Man

Cranford Resident Charged with Possession of Child Pornography A 41-year-old resident of Cranford, New Jersey is facing one count of possession of child pornography after officers raided his home on July 24, 2019. A criminal complaint issued on July 26, 2019 details the raid and what was removed from the suspect’s home. The man, identified […]

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