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Lawyer Endorsements for Aydelotte & Scardella Law LLC

“Of course I endorse this lawyer, because she is my go-to-source for all DUI/DWI related questions. If I had that one “free call,” it would be to her.”

-Mark Davis, Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Lauren really knows her stuff and is a great asset to the AVVO community! I endorse her highly!”

-Aniko Hoover, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Lauren is a highly skilled DUI defense attorney. She travels all over the state and has the respect of many judges and good working relationships with many prosecutors. You can feel totally secure in either a plea or a trial with Lauren. She will get you the best deal possible.”

-Edward Mcginty, Immigration Attorney

“Lauren is an experienced, highly respected attorney who always represents her clients with the utmost of skill, knowledge and understanding. I can readily endorse her without hesitation or reservation.”

-John Elbert, Criminal defense Attorney

“I endorse Lauren because she is so knowledgeable that when I am stuck on a case I elicit her guidance. Best part is that she readily makes herself available to help others and to share her expertise with fellow members of the bar. I can only imagine the service she provides to clients with her knowledge, experience and aim to please. You can’t go wrong with electing Lauren to represent your interests in court.”

-Leon Matchin, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. She is knowledgeable and dependable.”

-Andres Mejer, Immigration Attorney

Client reviews

“I felt very comfortable & confident that Lauren was able to get the job done.”

“Lauren kept me informed from the beginning to the end. She responded to emails and texts quickly. She was great to work with.”

“Lauren is so friendly. She clearly explained the process and answered all my questions. She is on time and quickly closes my matter in court. Glad that I chose her as my attorney luckily.”

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