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Gov. Murphy Renews Push for Even Tougher NJ Gun Laws After Proposals Stalled

The recent racially-motivated mass murder in Buffalo, NY is prompting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to call for stronger state and federal firearms regulation.  NJ Governor Calls for Stronger Firearms Legislation in Wake of Buffalo Shooting An 18-year-old white male shot 11 Black people and two white people on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at a […]

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Handguns and Heroin Seized from Trenton Resident in Drug Bust

A Trenton man has been charged with weapons offenses and drug distribution following law enforcement’s seizure of firearms, heroin, and fentanyl as part of an investigation into drug distribution rings in Ocean and Mercer Counties.  Drug Ring Investigation Leads to Trenton Man’s Arrest Aramis Wiggins was arrested on April 6 at a South Brunswick motel […]

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NJ Lawmakers Could Soon Pass at Least Some of Murphy’s Gun Control Bills After Mass Shootings

Gun control activists are pressuring New Jersey state legislators to begin passing some of the bills supported by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Murphy has been calling for the slate of legislation to be passed by the New Jersey Assembly and Senate following the deadly racially-motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, which was followed only […]

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New Jersey Lawmakers Push to Make Sexual Extortion a Crime

New Jersey lawmakers are pushing a new law that would make sexual extortion a crime and punishable with criminal charges. What is Sexual Extortion? Sexual extortion is any non-physical form of coercion or encouragement to extort sexual behaviors or favors from another person. Sexual extortion is a type of sexual exploitation, which is an abuse […]

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