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Penalties For Prescription Fraud And Forgery in New Jersey

Incidents of prescription fraud have greatly increased in the past few years. This is partially attributable to the opioid crisis, where people have become addicted to the opioid painkillers prescribed by their doctors. When doctors end their patients’ prescriptions without realizing they have become addicted to those drugs, people may become desperate and turn to […]

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Effect of Disorderly Persons Offense Conviction on Background Check

If you have been previously convicted of a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey, you may wonder how your conviction might affect your background check and subsequently your employment, housing, or educational prospects. Even though a disorderly persons conviction may have minimal consequences at the time of the conviction, a criminal record can negatively impact […]

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School Janitor Arrested for Fondling Himself in Front of Students

A man was arrested by police after touching himself inappropriately in front of children playing in a park.  Ex-School Janitor Arrested after Exposing Himself to Children Paul Schappe, 68, was arrested on charges of sexual assault on May 2, 2021, after approaching a 13-year-old boy at Clifford Lawson Memorial Park. Prosecutors allege that Schappe was […]

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