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Credit Card Fraud in NJ

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Credit Card Fraud in NJ

Credit Card Fraud

From identification cards to bank cards to discount cards, we carry a lot of different types of cards in our wallet every day. It’s no surprise, then, that these cards sometimes get lost or stolen. Unless you have explicit authorization from the account holder, it is a crime to use a credit card that is not your own.

What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud happens when someone uses another person’s credit or debit card without authorization. Typically, the goal of this type of crime is to remove funds from an account or make purchases with the card that the card’s owner never agreed to.

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Most often, credit or debit card fraud happens when the person’s physical card gets taken from their possession. At other times, the card owner still has their physical card but the numbers and security details have been stolen. Here are some common examples of credit card fraud:

  • Someone takes or obtains a credit card from another person without the cardholders consent with the intent to use it or sell it;
  • Someone obtains the information for a credit card account and falsely makes or embosses a purported credit card and/or uses or attempts to use that fake credit card;
  • Someone receives a credit card he or she knows to have been lost or mislaid and retains possession of it with the intent to use it or sell it to someone else.

The federal government and New Jersey’s state government both have credit card fraud laws. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, you could get charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. There are several different types of credit card fraud including:

  • Opening bank or credit card account with stolen credentials;
  • Using a counterfeit card;
  • Using a stolen or lost card;
  • Taking ownership of an account that isn’t yours;
  • Making purchases with credit card details that aren’t your own.

In all of these situations, the person accused of credit card fraud must have intended to steal funds or defraud the victim. In every prosecution, the State must prove that the defendant accused of credit card fraud had that intent.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in NJ

Depending on your situation, you could get charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor for credit card fraud. That means you could be subject to jail time and fines. On top of that, you could face a civil lawsuit if the victim wants to seek out financial damages from you.

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