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Defense Strategies for Assault Charges

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Defense Strategies for Assault Charges

Defense Strategies

When you’ve been accused of assault, it’s important not to assume the judge will automatically believe your side of the story. 

Below, we’ll discuss four possible defenses to your assault charges. Keep in mind that the defense strategy available to you hinges on the circumstances surrounding what happened. An attorney can help you determine which defense argument is most likely to lead to the best outcome for you.

1. Self-Defense

One of the most common defenses to assault charges is self-defense. This valid defense strategy argues that you only assaulted the other person to protect yourself. If you’re hoping to use this strategy, then be prepared to prove:

  • You were threatened with unlawful force by the attacker
  • You had a reasonable basis to believe the person would carry out the threat
  • You did not provoke or harm the attacker prior to the incident
  • You had no other legal recourse at the time (such as calling for security)

In general, you’re only legally permitted to use the same amount of force as the attacker. For example, it would be considered unreasonable to use a lethal weapon against someone who spits at you.

2. Defense of Property

Similarly, you can argue that you assaulted the other person while defending your property. If your property was being illegally withheld, then you might be able to use this defense. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to use this defense when your use of force was reasonable.

3. Consent

While rare, you may be able to argue that the other person consented to the assault. If you and the other person were in a fight club, for example, then it’s possible you could use this strategy. Your criminal defense attorney will be able to conduct an investigation into whether or not there was consent involved. 

4. Mistake of Fact

Finally, you may argue that there’s a mistake of fact regarding your charge. If you never committed the offense or you thought you were acting in self-defense, then this strategy might work for you.

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