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License Suspension vs. Interlock Ignition Devices: Which Would You Choose?

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License Suspension vs. Interlock Ignition Devices: Which Would You Choose?

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Changes to New Jersey DUI Laws

Have you ever been tempted to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks? What if I told you that a technology exists that could save you from making such a mistake while inebriated?

This inventive device, an interlock ignition system, has proven effective for years now. So, it makes sense that the device has captured the attention of lawmakers in New Jersey. Lawmakers are so impressed with the interlock system that they’ve made big changes to DWI laws in our state. Learn everything you need to know below.

The Buzz Surrounding License Suspension in New Jersey

You know the deal – you get caught drinking and driving, and your license gets suspended. That’s the way it’s been for years. As you can imagine, losing driving privileges puts a huge strain on those convicted of a DUI.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups have argued for years that revoking a person’s license doesn’t usually stop them from driving. According to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it only penalizes people who could benefit from the interlock ignition system instead. People who have been convicted of a DUI still need to get to work. Often, they still need to take care of their families. That means they still need to drive.

Lawmakers in New Jersey have heard these concerns, and they’re prepared to make big changes. Beginning in December, individuals who get charged with a first-time DUI may avoid getting their license revoked. Rather than suspending their licenses, convicted offenders can instead opt to have an interlock device installed in their vehicles. 

Avoiding a DUI Charge

Those who oppose the new laws argue that this rule may encourage drinking and driving due to more lenient consequences. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that DUIs will be taken lightly now. Those who are convicted face other legal penalties on top of license suspension. A DUI conviction in New Jersey may result in jail time, fines and alcohol treatment. The new interlock device system is only one aspect of life after a conviction.

If you’ve been charged, then it’s important to seek out legal representation who can help you.

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