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Alternative Dispositions in Drug Cases

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Alternative Dispositions in New Jersey Drug Cases | Drug Crime Lawyer Hamilton, NJ

There are several potential diversionary programs or alternative dispositions for drug cases in New Jersey. Talk to an experienced Hamilton drug crime lawyer today to explore your options.

Diversionary Programs for Drug Offenses in Mercer County, NJ

If you were charged with a disorderly persons level drug offense in New Jersey, such as Possession of Less than 50 Grams of Marijuana under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10(a)(4), and you have never been convicted of any other drug offense, or granted any other alternative disposition, you are eligible for a Conditional Discharge. A Conditional Discharge is a diversionary program authorized by N.J.S.A. 2C:36A-1, in which you would be placed on probation for 6 months to 1 year. If you complete the probation successfully, your charges would be dismissed at the conclusion of the 6 month to 1 year term. In general, the terms of the probation are to pay the costs associated with the program (approximately $835), remain offense/conviction free, and pass random drug tests. The probation can be supervised, in which you would be assigned and report to a specific probation officer during the term of probation, or unsupervised, in which you would not report to a probation officer and could successfully complete the probation merely by satisfying the other conditions imposed by the Municipal Court Judge.

If you have been charged with an indictable drug offense, then you may be eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention, also known as PTI. If you’re admitted to PTI, you would be placed on a period of probation for up to 36 months during which you would have to comply with the terms of probation set forth by the judge. Unlike most Conditional Discharges, PTI requires you to report to a probation officer. If you successfully complete your PTI probation, the charges against you will be dismissed.

Finally, if you have been charged with an indictable offense, regardless of whether that charge is drug-related, you may be eligible or may be required to participate in Drug Court. Drug Court is a term of “special probation” during which you would be required to participate in an inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation program, meet with the Drug Court team on a weekly basis and follow very strict rules during your Drug Court sentence. Failure to comply with the rules would result in your incarceration as a sanction for failing to comply, and termination from the program results in you defaulting to your “non-Drug Court” sentence, which often features substantial periods of prison or jail time and is almost universally harsher than your Drug Court sentence.

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