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Field Sobriety Tests

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Field Sobriety Tests in New Jersey | DWI Lawyer West Windsor, NJ

When police suspect someone of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), they do a field sobriety test before arresting the offender. The test includes various practices such as making the suspect stand on one leg to check their balance, have them give a breath test, urine test, or a blood test. The amount of intoxication decides the penalty of the suspect. To deal with all such crimes, our Field Sobriety Tests Attorney in Hamilton, NJ can give guidance in the most committed and professional manner.

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Lauren E. Scardella is a West Windsor DWI lawyer who has defended hundreds of DWI offenders in her career. She works with full compassion and gives personal attention to each one of her cases. She negotiates and defends DWI cases with full commitment and professionalism in Hamilton, NJ. Call (609) 587-1144 to talk to our Field Sobriety Tests Attorney in Mercer County. We provide Free Consultation. The law firm office is located at 2653 Nottingham Way STE 1, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619.

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